Of shadow’s praise and the light of the small things
Visual micro-structures of everyday living environments as compositional substance of contemporary soundscapes

“Let the eye capture the sounds, then at last you will understand …”
Tozan Ryokai (9th century Zen master)

makroPHONIA is a project by Renald Deppe and Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber together with Korean musicians, where visual micro-structures of everyday living environments become the compositional substance of contemporary soundscapes. makroPHONIA takes up the challenge of depicting very subtle structures, and rendering them visible and audible “magnified” by means of various forms of composition. The ink graphics and macrophotographies the pieces are based on work out details which make us sense the natural vibrations of creatures and things. The connection between seeing, feeling and hearing is directly addressed by this. In this transformation from image to sound, the Korean instruments with their microtonal nuances play an important role: the two-stringed knee fiddle haegum, the twelve-stringed zither gayageum and the double-reed bamboo flute piri joining together with guitar, drums and saxophone/clarinet open up a wide spectrum of sound which – similar to natural processes – allows for subtle differentiations as well as harsh contours and disruptions.

makroPHONIA also aims at the evolvement of personal encounters, which while playing music together address deeper strata of our existence and can uncover possibilities of living and working together.

Of visible and audible things …
As long as language was yet independent of writing, the audible dominated the visible, and laws and commandments were endowed with acoustic authority. As long as music was independent of any kind of normative scripture, the audible dominated the visible, and rules and techniques still held acoustic authority. Our macrophonic sound and image signs trace this lost early age in contemporary music creation, in the sense of a “de-scription” that dispenses with a visible authority. They seek that which is near in the distance, alienness in one’s own, the mysterious sounds in the light of perceptible things.
Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber & Renald Deppe

makroPHONIA: Ku Su Jung (haegum), Kim Tae Kyung (piri), Park Kyungso (gayageum), Yoon Yeo Joo (changgo), Bernhard Breuer (drums, percussion), Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber (guitar, musical conception, photo scores), Renald Deppe (saxophone, clarinet, musical conception, graphein)