Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber

Guitarist and Composer; creates sound installations/sculptures  –  lives in Vienna (Austria)

He is working in several bands playing improvised and composed contemporary music, experimental interpretations of different kinds of folk music (Klezmer, Austrian Folk, Slovenian Folk, Viennese Folk Music,…) and contemporary interpretations of classical music (Schubert, Schumann,…). Besides composing for his own bands as well as for other ensembles, he produces scores for dance, theater and (short)movies. He played concerts in Berlin, Rom, Geneva, Budapest, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg, New Delhi, New York, Seoul,…

His site specific works include sound installations at contemporary music festivals, in churches, factories and also in natural environments.

Projects: Attosphere, Zur Wachauerin, Niftys, Maja Osojnik Band, Rückgratlose HeldInnen, Exit Eden feat. Phil Minton, Hannes Löschel Stadtkapelle, Werk5, Klangvorhang, …